Bangalore – Exploring The Most Popular Tourist Destination In India

Bengaluru formerly Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka. It is second biggest city in South India after Chennai. It is also called as Garden City because of several splendid parks and garden. From the ancient past, Bangalore plays an important role in Indian history. This city was found in 16th century and continues to be the major city in South India. In recent years, Bangalore is blooming to be great city because of IT industry. This city also called as the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore also boasts number of sightseeing places and luxury amenities that attracts travelers from all over the world. India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru named this city as India’s city of the future. The pleasant weather condition and number tourist attractions rank Bangalore as one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in India. Travelers gas number of place to visit in Bangalore.

Bangalore History:

The Bangalore city has quite interesting history to it. The history begins with the mane. The term Bangalore is derived from the term ‘bende kaalu ooru’ means the town of boiled beans. As per the ancient myth, it is said that the King Ballala once lost in a forest. He was very tired and hungry. He came across poor old women, who gave him some boiled beans. As an expression of thanking, he named his kingdom as ‘bende kaalu ooru’. Kempe Gowda also called as the founder of Bangalore. He played a significant role in shaping this city. The king himself served under Vijayanagara Kings. Later, this city is invaded by the Mughal Rulers.

Mysore is the main ruling center to the Mughal emperors. Still, you can see number of palaces and forts around Bangalore.  In 1831, the British Rulers took this city under their kingdom. Since, the entry of British people Bangalore developing to be the premium city in India.

Top tourist Attractions:

As leading tourist destinations in India, this city attracts huge number of travelers from all over the world. Visiting the Bangalore is excellent option to explore the Indian history, culture, wildlife, fashion, religion and much more. The major tourist places in Bangalore include the Bangalore Palace, Venatappa Art gallery, Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Government Museum, Vidhan Soudha and much more. The trip to Bangalore never gets fulfilled without exploring its unique identity such as Ulsoor Lake, Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park, Banerghata National Park and much more.

Today, the Bangalore is called as the Electronic City of India. The place to see in Bangalore includes various pilgrimage centers and Hindu temples such as the ISCKON Temple and Bull Temple. These are the popular tourist attractions in Bangalore. The other tourist places in Bangalore includes Chamundi Devi Temple in Mysore, Bandipur National Park, Kesava Temple in Somnathpura, Mysore Palace and nearby heritage centers such as Hampi, Badami, Belur and Halebid. In recent years, Bangalore is developing to the best tourist attractions because of its luxurious hotels, shopping amenities, entertainment malls, Spa, Clubs and much more. This city is also very famous for nightlife and pubs.

Best Time to visit Bangalore:

One of the top tourist destinations in India, Bangalore boasts moderate weather condition all round the years. Neither too hot in summer and too chill in winter. Though, winter is ideal time to explore this garden city. The peak travel season starts around October and ends in February. If you are planning to visit Bangalore, the months of October to February will be the ideal choice.